Volume 15, Issue 1, 2004
Sample Poems:
"An Eightieth-Birthday Ballade for Anthony Hecht"
"Chemist's Daughter"
"Night Train to Delhi"
Editor's Note  
A Candle Brad Leithauser
Your Natural History Brad Leithauser
From R.E.M. Brad Leithauser
Old Bachelor Brother Brad Leithauser
The Fame Train Brad Leithauser
Bad News Blues A. E. Stallings
Chemist’s Daughter Catherine Tufariello
Reading Amit Majmudar
An Eightieth-Birthday Ballade for Anthony Hecht Richard Wilbur
An Interview with Brad Leithauser William Baer
Of Love
(Translated by Willis Barnstone)
St. Paul
Operadora Bruce Berger
Drowning Mike Stocks
The Neighbors April Lindner
Music Is Murder Jack Granath
Night Train to Delhi Shekhar Aiyar
Poolside Geometry Jean L. Kreiling
Villanelle for Two Young Lovers Paul Panish
Cassandra Susan McLean
“It Out-Herods Herod. Pray You, Avoid It.” Anthony Hecht
“It Out-Herods Herod. Pray You, Avoid It.”: An Interview with Anthony Hecht William Baer
Epilogue to “The Emperor’s New Clothes” Paul Lake
Solid Space Bruce McBirney
The Carny Arthur Meryash
Tea Ceremonies Anna Evans
Roof-Walker Deborah Warren
Yes Allison Joseph
(Translated by Jennifer Reeser)
Jean Ogier de Gombaul
The Wind Bride
Robert Daseler
From the Tradition:  
The Brother Thomas Hardy
From A Shropshire Lad A. E. Housman
Abdullah Bulbul Amir and Ivan Petrofsky Skovar Anonymous
Poet for a Dark Age Brad Leithauser
Abandophobia: The Fear of Divorce Lewis Turco
(Translated by Len Krisak)
Between Them Debra Bruce
Form James Richardson
Local Interference Eric Blomquist
The Troubadour’s Complaint David Galef
(Translated by Susan McLean)
Frost and Prosody Brad Leithauser
Regrets: 34
(Translated by Thomas Carper)
du Bellay
Elements Karen Jare
(Translated by Alice Park)
Paul Verlaine
Carving Fruit Victoria Ford
Milk Can Don Kimball
It Felt Like She Had Ripped His Arm Out of the Socket Tony Barnstone
Crystalline D. R. Goodman
Tongues in Trees Roy Shepard
The Sonnet Brad Leithauser
Harbingers Robert W. Crawford
Sidewalks Make Me Hate Them David Rosenthal
An Idea Burst Thea Gavin
While You Were Sleeping John Pidgeon
Tantalus Douglas W. Clark
(Translated by Andrew Frisardi)
Torquato Tasso
Song Alfred Nicol
The Turn Michael Dobberstein
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