Volume 14, Issue 2, 2003
Sample Poems:
"Miss Organization"
"The Psychic"
"Singled Out"
"Outside the Garden"
Editor's Note   6
Moments of Summer Rachel Hadas 7
Chiasmus Rachel Hadas 8
The Dead Poet Rachel Hadas 9
Alternatives Rachel Hadas 10
Four Short Stories Rachel Hadas 11
The Red Hat Rachel Hadas 13
Persephone to Orpheus Gail White 14
Postscript to St. Lucia Seamus Heaney 15
The Exchange Jean Hollander 18
An Interview with Rachel Hadas William Baer 19
Discovery Rhina P. Espaillat 39
The Administrator George R. Adams 40
Desperate Knowledge David Berman 41
Books in the Summer Cottage Jared Carter 42
Sonnet on School Desks Gretchen Fletcher 43
Miss Organization Allison Joseph 44
Untamed Daughter A.M. Juster 45
Hard Winter Alfred Nicol 46
The Ultimate Bureaucrat Marion Shore 47
Party Piece, for a New Birthday A.E. Stallings 48
Pilate David Stephenson 49
The Psychic Gail White 50
Poems and Dreams Rachel Hadas 51
To Lesbia
(Translated by Willis Barnstone)
Catullus 57
The Hidden Life J. Bottum 58
Divided City A.E. Stallings 60
That Feeling of Impending Doom Marion Shore 61
The Narrow Bed
(Translated by Kathleen Snodgrass)
Luis Miguel Aguilar 62
Walking Past Me Carol Frith 63
The Party Breaks Up Early Lionel Willis 64
The Demon of Noontide Laurence Goldstein 65
Age-Old Complaint J.D. Smith 66
Things I Should Have Done Margaret Menamin 67
The History of a Professional Academic, Deceased Marion Montgomery 68
From the Tradition:
(All selections translated by Rachel Hadas)
From The Tragedy of Oedipus Seneca 69
June Nights Victor Hugo 72
Retreat Charles Baudelaire 73
To a Passing Lady Charles Baudelaire 74
Pomegranates Paul Valéry 75
Form and Content Bengt Jangfeldt 76
Flight of Stairs Maura Stanton 77
Those Times Patricia Farewell 78
Your Other Men Alfred Nicol 79
Ballad for Norman Thomas Ruth Holzer 80
The Round Jon Mooallem 81
Weatherman Hollie Trevathan 82
Singled Out Richard Wakefield 83
Varsity Farewell Allison Joseph 85
No Apparent Dragons Marion Shore 86
Looking On Jasmine Lamb 87
Down the Hall Mike Carson 88
(Translated by Joshua Mehigan)
Arthur Rimbaud 89
Flight Deborah Warren 91
To James E. Hewitt Henry W. Longfellow 92
To Have You Home Allison Joseph 93
Kudzu Juliana Gray 94
Cosmology Robert W. Crawford 95
Crossing Brooklyn Bridge at Night Michael Cantor 96
Service Station Elisabeth Meyer 97
Romeo and Juliet Marion Shore 98
Star Richard Lewis 99
There Has to Be a Reason for It Robert W. Crawford 100
No Doubt? David Berman 102
Spanish Dancer
(Translated by Terese Coe)
Rainer Maria Rilke 103
Dark Matter Jared Carter 104
The Love That Failed William F. Bell 105
Tiderace Timothy Murphy 106
Rhyme John Ridland 107
Summer Rain Jared Carter 108
Outside the Garden Jasmine Lamb 109
At First Mike Carson 110
The Girl at the Pension Beaurepas William F. Bell 111
Matter and Meaning John Pidgeon 113
Modern Art Ed Rossmann 114
Arezzo: Statue of Petrarch Michael Kleine 115
The Veils Joseph Saling 116
Debbie’s Story: 1982 Ellen H. Bloedel 118
Tornado Elaine Tise 119
Verse and Universe Richard Wakefield 120
Superheart Marion Shore 121
Triolet: 1953 Michael R. Battram 122
Contributors   123
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