Volume 14, Issue 1, 2003
Sample Poems:
"Fault Lines"
"Lunar Study"
Editor's Note   6
Woman in a Museum Timothy Steele 7
Baker Beach at Sunset Timothy Steele 8
The Skimming Stone Timothy Steele 9
Chanson Philosophique Timothy Steele 10
The Messenger Timothy Steele 11
Last Night As You Slept Timothy Steele 13
Fault Lines T.M. Moore 14
Nooksak David Mason 15
On the Hill Back of La Ciotat Jim Barnes 16
Second Thoughts Vernon Scannell 18
Yvor Winters Francis Fike 19
An Interview with Timothy Steele William Baer 20
A Small Epicedium Vernon Scannell 41
Displacement D. C. Stone 42
The Splash and Plume of Steam Walt McDonald 43
(Translated by Alice Park)
Paul Verlaine 44
The Tornado at the Door Deborah Warren 45
Two Dickensian Moments on Morning Talk Shows Rachel Hadas 46
Yaddo David Galef 49
Astronomer's Daughter Ellen Goldstein 50
Hopkins T.M. Moore 51
Evening Worship Bruce Bennett 52
Rhyme Timothy Steele 53
A Forty Gun Salute W.D. Snodgrass 71
Selling My Father's Music Allison Joseph 72
Choir Jeff Hardin 73
Epitaph for a Professor Edward Zuk 74
Lunar Study Ann K. Schwader 75
Epigrams, 1.71
(Translated by Susan McLean)
Martial 76
Breaking the Tenth, Mowing Harvey Stanbrough 77
Los Periquitos A.M. Juster 78
A Ballad of Jealousy John Ridland 79
Late Richard Wakefield 81
To See As Alexander T.M. Moore 82
From the Tradition:    
On the Cover of My First Book J.V. Cunningham 83
Hand up your weaponed wit... J.V. Cunningham 84
Here lies New Critic... J.V. Cunningham 85
Epigrams from Trivial, Vulgar, and
J.V. Cunningham 86
To My Wife J.V. Cunningham 87
I write you in my need... J.V. Cunningham 88
There is a ghost town J.V. Cunningham 89
Rhyme As Gift Wrap John Ridland 90
La Vieille Madame a la Machine a Sous Jim Barnes 91
Witches David Berman 93
Slurs Allison Joseph 94
Hard Bop Matthew Hupert 95
The Writer's Art Bruce Bennett 96
When You Are Old
(Translated by Terese Coe)
Pierre de Ronsard 97
Sunday at the Cemetery Ed L. Wier 98
A Voice Out of the Blue Arthur Meryash 99
New Formalism Timothy Steele 101
Summer Weather Rachel Hadas 102
A Swan Jeremy Schomer 104
The Death of Holofernes
(Translated by Richard O'Connell)
Lope de Vega 105
Driving to a Poetry Reading in My Father-in-Law's Pick-Up Truck Joe Benevento 106
The Inexplicable David Berman 107
To the Impressaria of Poetry Joseph S. Salemi 108
Nisc Loves Nadia Thomas Carper 109
For Jessica Shanahan Living in Alaskan Woods Lewis Turco 111
Emily on the Net Bruce Bennett 112
Versification Timothy Steele 113
The Session David Mason 114
Leaving Present Susan Hamlyn 115
A Refusal to Apologize Leonard Cochran 116
In the Lee of the Disaster Terese Coe 117
How to Tell a Bad Story Benjamin Taylor Lally 118
My Caballero
(Translated by Tyler Fisher)
José Martí 119
The Load Cynthia Graver 120
I-95 Jacqueline Seaberg 121
Deranged Monsters Robert Daseler 122
Contributors   123
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