Volume 13, Issue 2, 2002
Sample Poems:
"Silent Reading"
"Parallel Universe"
Editor's Note   7
Warning W.D. Snodgrass 9
For W. R.S. Gwynn 10
The Ragpicker's Song Richard Wilbur 11
The Cid
(Translated by Charles Guenther)
Georges Fourest 14
Feeling His Midnight Arm Willis Barnstone 15
My Maker-Upper Robert Richman 16
Silent Reading Deborah Warren 17
Memento Mori Ralph McInerny 18
Elegy Harry Thomas 19
The Poet at Seven Steve Kronen 20
An Interview with W.H. Auden William Packard 21
Embarking Marion Shore 30
Song of the Diarist's Wife Claudia Gary Annis 31
Counting the Seconds Thomas Carper 32
Weldon Kees in Mexico A.M. Juster 33
On Finishing a Translation of Ovid's Amores Len Krisak 34
The First to Know Kate Light 35
Medea in the 21st Century Margaret Menamin 36
The Mailbox Arthur Meryash 37
The Magician's Bashful Daughter Alfred Nicol 38
Singing the Children to Sleep Chelsea Rathburn 39
February, Larimer County Ann K. Schwader 40
Étude A.E. Stallings 41
From "W.H. Auden: The Farming of a Verse" Edward Callan 42
Unnatural Selection Timothy Murphy 45
A Young Girl's Solace Amy Helfrich Harner 46
The Anxiety of Influence John Popielaski 47
(Translated by Helen Palma)
Charles Baudelaire 48
Rising Tide at Schoodic Point Daniel Anderson 49
The Knockdown Question Les A. Murray 51
Lyke Wake J. Bottum 52
Parallel Universe Marion Shore 54
On Found Objects Tony Barnstone 55
Nine Months Sober Michael R. Battram 56
The Woman at the Next Table Robert Hudson 57
Kentucky Nocturne Leeandra Nolting 58
The Ballad of Woodrow Wilson Michael Lind 59
From the Tradition:    
Epitaph: On Peter Robinson Lord Jeffrey 61
Epitaph: On Prince Frederick Anonymous 62
Epigram on an Academic Visit to the Continent Richard Porson 63
By Way of Preface Edward Lear 64
Infant Innocence A.E. Housman 66
Lord Finchley Hilaire Belloc 67
Clerihews Edmund Clerihew Bentley 68
Rhymes Anonymous 69
On Auden's "As He Is" Anthony Hecht 70
The Acrophile Fred Chappell 73
Interflora Susan Hamlyn 75
(Translated by Robert Hudson)
Charles Baudelaire 76
Listening to My House Robert Daseler 77
Fred and Ginger Marion Shore 78
Robert Frost Kim Bridgford 79
Dream Duet David Livewell 80
Strategem Alfred Dorn 81
The Importance of Doors Robert Crawford 82
The General's Wife Sara Kasari 83
Jealousy Deborah Warren 84
Miniature Lorna Knowles Blake 85
To Enter the Night...
(Translated by Charles Guenther)
Henri de Régnier 86
Under Minks Leslie McGrath 87
Picking Up the Shards Gwen Hart 88
Auden and Prosody Harvey Gross 89
The President's Song to the Baron Richard Wilbur 90
Metaphysical Ode: To Love Lewis Turco 92
Ever Since the Time Love Sent My Way...
(Translated by Marion Shore)
Louise Labé 94
Benediction at a Daughter's Wedding Stevenson A.W. Richardson 95
Interruptions Allison Joseph 96
Watchful Ralph McInerny 97
On Refusing a Teaching Position in California David W. Landrum 98
The Water Man Robert Daseler 99
Discovery Carrie Elin Awbrey 100
Aftermath Pat Pittman 101
The Balloon-Blower Arthur Meryash 102
Dark Verse Tony Barnstone 103
About the Rain Deborah Warren 104
End of the Line Timothy Murphy 105
Auden's Metrical Virtuosity Harvey Gross 106
Microcosm Ralph McInerny 107
Requiem Pat Pittman 108
Casinos Anthony Lombardy 109
Anima Bill Coyle 110
Lullaby in Blue Deborah Warren 111
Pleasanton Villanelle Samuel Maio 112
Song of Two Antique Lovers John Ridland 113
What Shall I Do? Zachary Hudson 114
Good-bye Poetry
(Translated by Charles Guenther)
Théophile Gautier 115
Invisible Sonnet Alfred Nicol 116
The Wastebasket Jan Schreiber 117
Mighty Mite Alan Nordstrom 118
Late Saints Kathryn T. S. Bass 119
Kindling Max Gutmann 120
Crypt of the Capuchin Monks Rhina P. Espaillat 121
Contributors   122
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