Volume 12, Issue 2, 2001 
Sample Poems:
Editor's Note   6
The Funerals Wyatt Prunty 7
A Note of Thanks Wyatt Prunty 8
Insomnia Wyatt Prunty 10
Learning the Bicycle Wyatt Prunty 11
Power Failure Robert Crawford 12
The Boxer Jessie Johnson 13
The Guard Jeff Holt 14
Projector Marion Shore 15
(Translated by Laurence Goldstein)
Paul Verlaine 16
Mazeway Jacie Ragan 17
Winter Wedding
(Translated by Tatyana Amelina
and Harry Thomas)
Joseph Brodsky 18
An Interview with Wyatt Prunty William Baer 19
Baggage Deborah Warrren 46
The Advance William F. Bell 47
Moments Thomas Carper 48
Lost Contact Stuart H. Coleman 49
The New Day Robert Daseler 50
From The Story-Teller's Hour -- VI Rhina P. Espaillat 51
Lightning Carol Frith 52
First Birthday after Your Death:
November 1998
Allison Joseph 53
Paperboy Len Krisak 54
Premonition Arthur Meryash 55
Visiting the Grave of Rupert Brooke A. E. Stallings 56
Case Study David Stephenson 57
From Reality and the Poet in
Spanish Poetry
Pedro Salinas 58
Going Home Vernon Scannell 65
Jet Lag A. E. Stallings 67
Another Episode Amy Harner 68
Phantom Kate Light 71
In a Hammock at Night Erica Schmidt 72
A Wish Ben Howard 73
An Uncommitted Crime Robert Daseler 74
(Translated by Alice Park)
Paul Verlaine 75
Shakespearean Sonnet R. S. Gwynn 76
From the Tradition:    
Sonnet 13
(Translated by Charles Guenther)
Garcilaso de la Vega 77
For a Lady Heard Singing
(Translated by Rhina P. Espaillat)
Juan de Tasis 78
To Christ Crucified
(Translated by Rhina P. Espaillat)
Miguel de Guevara 79
She Complains about Her Fate: She Asserts Her Aversion to Vices and Justifies Her Pleasure in the Muses
(Translated by Willis Barnstone)
Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz 80
Light of Seville, the Great Palatial House
(Translated by Willis Barnstone)
Antonio Machado 81
Rose of Fire
Translated by Charles Guenther)
Antonio Machado 82
To the Mirror
(Translated by Willis Barnstone)
Jorge Luis Borges 83
Young Poets Derek Walcott 84
Filming The Time Machine in the Twenty-First Century Nancy Willard 85
The Bourgeois Bohemian Gail White 87
Uneasy Lies the Tooth That Needs a Crown Bob McKenty 88
Unlikely Affair A. M. Juster 89
Get a Life David Galef 90
Index Len Krisak 91
Alchemist David Stephenson 92
Zeus Burt Porter 93
The Abduction Alfred Nicol 94
Another Think Coming Ronald Wallace 95
Formal Poetry Wyatt Prunty 96
Knockout Vernon Scannell 97
Visit Ben Howard 99
The Retarded Boys at the Gym Alfred Nicol 100
The Drought Amy Harner 101
Worry Deborah Warren 102
Shell Shock Joseph S. Salemi 103
Hawk-Owl Burt Porter 104
The Worker Jeff Holt 105
The Death of Stars Marion Shore 106
Biotech Bunny A. M. Juster 107
When Daedalus Needed Help Alfred Dorn 108
Oh Wha Ta Goo Siam James Reiss 109
On Forms George Santayana 110
Sonnet 29
(Translated by Charles Guenther)
Garcilaso de la Vega 111
Sonnet 18
(Translated by Charles Guenther)
Garcilaso de la Vega 112
Confession Robert Crawford 113
Suburban Villanelle Vic Peterson 114
The Second Excited State Bob Johnston 115
The Convalescent William F. Bell 116
Mother's Day Robert Daseler 117
Crossword Puzzle Robert Daseler 118
The Cat in Winter Ed Rossmann 119
The Weight of Clouds Jacie Ragan 120
Homer Burt Porter 121
From The Story-Teller's Hour -- VII Rhina P. Espaillat 122
Contributors   123
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