Volume 12, Issue 1, 2001


Sample Poems:
Editor’s Note       6
The Makers   Howard Nemerov    7
At the Airport      Howard Nemerov    8
The Dependencies  Howard Nemerov    9
Remembering the Way   Howard Nemerov    11
An Ending               Howard Nemerov    12
Howard Nemerov: 1920-1991   Mona Van Duyn    13
Howard Nemerov      Anthony Hecht      18
In St. Louis with Howard Nemerov      Maxine Kumin       20
Howard Nemerov at Sewanee   Wyatt Prunty       21
On Howard Nemerov        X. J. Kennedy      23
Nemeroviana James Reiss  24
Commencement Mona Van Duyn    25
Letter for the End Wyatt Prunty 26
Reflections after a Dry Spell     Charles Martin 27
Goethe in 1816   Robert Conquest      28
Frost in Key West    Alan Sullivan   29
The Winter’s Falls    Lewis Turco    30
Poem        Harry Thomas    31

Falling Dusk 

(Translated by Alice Park) 

Paul Verlaine  32
The Whole of It  Robert Crawford  33
My Pool at Dawn Robert Daseler 34
The Question of Suicides at Niagara Falls D. R. Goodman 35
Etcetera John Poch  36
From the Tradition:    
Sonnet 129 William Shakespeare 37
Prayer (I) George Herbert  38
From Paradise Lost  John Milton 39
From Bishop Blougram’s Apology Robert Browning 40
The Oven Bird               Robert Frost 43
An Interview with Howard Nemerov

Neal Bowers and Charles L. P. Silet



The Secret Language of Women A.M. Juster 54
Remembering Howard Nemerov  Paul Lake 69

A Remembrance of Howard Nemerov        

 Lewis Turco 72
Even As We Sleep  Charles Martin 77
Grand Larcener   Deborah Warren 78
Mentor Timothy Murphy     79

To My Wife Caring for Her Parents Far from Here

Mike Carson 80
Reconciliation with Margaret Fuller M. M. Nichols 81
In the Funeral Parlour  Allison Joseph 82
Parts of Speech Holly Feldman 83
Now That I Have Set It Down David Lumsden 84
Files M. A. Schaffner    85

To Lesbia (Carmen 5) (Translated by Susan McLean)

Catullus 86
Cable TV Home Show Len Krisak 87
The Discovery of the Outer Planets  Paul Lake 88
Howard Nemerov’s “Storm Windows” Wyatt Prunty 89
Figures of Thought: Clarifying Poetry Charles Guenther 91
The Gathering of the Elders Lewis Turco 93
Le Bal à Bougival Jean L. Kreiling  95
Telemachus Speaks  Dianne May   96
Moonrise in Palm Desert Robert Daseler 98
Conversion Lorna K. Blake      99

Loves XXX

(Translated by Geoffrey Brock)

Étienne Jodelle    100
Elegy for a Dancer  Keith Wrassmann 101
Privileged Communications Jean L. Kreiling 102
Post Mortem Alan Sullivan  103
Susurrant Joel Hagen 104
The Topiarist Claudia Gary Annis 105
Analysis Edwin Schur       106
Various Quotes  Howard Nemerov 107
Apples and Stars  Roy Scheele 110
Emergency Kit Richard Wakefield 111
Desires Are Interchangeable D. R. Goodman        112
Hallel Lorna K. Blake      113
Trading Up Claudia Gary Annis 114
Epigram Alfred Nicol 115
O Pioneers Pamela A. Kress 116

Odes, Books 1,16     

(Translated by Susan McLean) 

Horace 117
Drought Andrew Littauer 119
Sonnet to a Dead Bee  Joyce Wilson 120
On First Looking into Fagles’ Homer Bruce Guernsey  121

Wanderer’s Night Song     (Translated by Peter Viereck) 

Goethe 122
Contributors    123

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