Sample Poems:

Rob Griffith


The English dawn trembles behind the poplars
And drowns the stars, one by one, in milklight
As I walk out across the heath, scattering
Rabbits and one startled lapwing, which dopplers
From left to right and back again in fear.
The pond beside the house is still, reflects
A sky as grey and soft as wool, and only
Venus — that bright, cold chip of ice — appears
Upon the surface. Four thousand miles away,
You sleep, and when you wake in that silk night
Of Midwest heat and see a smattering
of stars, they'll look the same, but in array
They're slightly changed. You too — your eyes, your neck,
More lovely with distance and lonely skies.

[ROB GRIFFITH is the author of two chapbooks, Necessary Alchemy, which received the 1999 Tennessee Chapbook Prize, and Poisoning Caesar (Finishing Line Press 2004). His work has been published in Poetry, The Cape Rock, Parnassus, and other literary journals.]

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