Comments on the First Issue:

The Formalist has made as impressive a debut as any literary journal in recent history.  -- Thomas Fleming

The Formalist is a very impressive assemblage of interesting and excellent work.  May your journal, and all its contributors, (including Horace and Catullus, Goethe and Petrarch) prosper.  -- Anthony Hecht

Let me congratulate you on your important effort.  The first issue of The Formalist was a delight.  -- Lynne V. Cheney

Even in our own bent time, the poet's influence upon the person and the republic, in the long run, exceeds the power of the politician and the captain of industry.  The Formalist is an intrepid endeavor to redeem the time poetically.  -- Russel Kirk

The arrival of The Formalist in the morning mail proved to be the highlight of my day. Anyone who cares about the future of poetry must be encouraged by this exciting new endeavor.  By re-emphasizing the importance of traditional forms and meters, The Formalist will play a crucial role in reconnecting poetry with the enthusiastic mass audience it once enjoyed -- Michael Medved

. . . how brimming The Formalist is with excellent poems and provocative essays!  It's an excellent magazine, a fine achievement. Congratulations!  -- Richard Moore

The Formalist will make literary history.  -- Alfred Dorn

The first issue of The Formalist is just spectacular!  Terrific poets, all with terrific poems.  -- David St. John

Indeed, hope grows eternal . . . here is The Formalist, full of superb writing and translations!  Your magazine is needed as the wasteland needs rain water.  A journal devoted to past beauty and its revival by young and talented men and women is entitled to our love and participation .  -- Thomas Molnar

I thought The Formalist would be good, but it is even better than I expected.  A gleam of hope in the gloomy night of endless free verse.   -- Robert Conquest

My hopes were more than realized.  It is a highly impressive issue, not only in names but in quality.  -- Paul Ramsey

The Formalist is a delight . . . all power to The Formalist!  -- Les A. Murray

The Formalist has all the earmarks of a watershed publication . . . a periodical which promises to be of permanent interest in the world of American letters.  -- Lewis Turco

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