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Sample Poems:
"The Processional"
Volume 15, Issue 2, 2004
Editor's Note  
Sharks at the New York Aquarium Charles Martin
After Charles Martin
The Death of Achilles
(Translated by Charles Martin)
The Asra
(Translated by Kevin Durkin)
Heinrich Heine
Used Book Julie Kane
First Contact Catherine Tufariello
Parallax Rob Griffith
G.B. Road Debutante Shekhar Aiyar
Our Hearts...
(Translated by Tony Barnstone)
Feng Zhi
(Translated by Harry Thomas)
Sergei Bongart
An Interview with Charles Martin William Baer
Long Gone Lonesone Blues A.E. Stallings
The Therapist Barry Abrams
Audit Tony Barnstone
Political Prisoners #105872 and #105873 David Galef
Dogwatch R.S. Gwynn
Inkblot Test Richard Hutcheson
The Processional Carrie Jerrell
Rimbaud in Abyssinia A.M. Juster
Frankensonnet, or The Postmodern Poet Joel Lamore
Hannah at Ten Stephen Scaer
The Writing on the Wall Marion Shore
For a Senior Killed on Prom Night Gail White
Metre and Rhyme Phillip Larkin
The Panther
(Translated by Willis Barnstone)
Rainer Maria Rilke
The Wildest of Love Remarks Robert Richman
Avatars Lewis Turco
Regret Deborah Warren
Fair River Lis
(Translated by Rhina P. Espaillat)
Fco Rodrigues Lobo
Drink & Dial Alfred Nicol
An Old Photo on Today's Front Page Arthur A. Brown
A Plague of Rats Richard Wakefield
Departures, Arrivals Allison Joseph
Perspective Amit Majmudar
The Bed is Wide Tony Barnstone
I Thought We Were Going Out for Coffee Suzanne R. Thurman
The Man Who Did Not Kill Himself Today T.B. Rudy
Unrecited Declaration David Berman
A Lease on Life Ronald Wallace
"How Shall I Drink?" Timothy Murphy
Poetic Forms Paul Fussell, Jr.
A Letter from London Lewis Turco
The Demon Lovers Susan McLean
Not Necessarily You Robert W. Crawford
Weathervane Peter Filkins
Boardwalk Blues Melissa Balmain
Sappho Erin Sweeten
She April Linder
We Must Labor to Be Beautiful Ben Howard
The Flame
(Translated by Alice Park)
Paul Verlaine
Last Chance at Reconciliation Joshua Mehigan
Alchemist Rob Griffith
The Young Huntsman
(Translated by Mark Justin)
Johan Runeberg
Pygmalion's Workshop Amit Majmudar
Last Words Ben La Farge
The Formal Challenge Laurence Perrine and
Thomas R. Arp
A Walk on the Wilde Side David Isaacson
The Beautiful Bald Uncle Nancy Willard
Open Mike J.D. Smith
The Old Man Dares to Make Peaches in Wine Joseph S. Salemi
Merrill Moore Colin Cavandish-Jones
Blind Date Allison Joseph
(Translated by Len Krisak)
Ghost Song Marion Shore
Iceberg Andrew Frost
Daybreak A.E. Stallings
The Orchard Gate Richard Wakefield
Moving Day Tony Barnstone
Part Seen, Imagined Part Ann K. Schwader
Now and Then Patricia Cloud
The Changeling Alfred Nicol
Waterfall, Rock & Trout Peter Filkins
Verse Forms John Frederick Nims and
David Mason
The Ballet of the Eight-Week Kittens Deborah Warren
Idolatry Alfred Nicol
Love Song in Grantham, England Rob Griffith
Reunion Karen Jare
Thoughts During a Quiet Car Trip Melissa Balmain
The Listener Robert Daseler
Late August Antiphon David Middleton
Reply Doris Watts
(Translated by Alice Park)
Charles Baudelaire
Senescence William F. Bell
Close the Door Michael Battram
The Disruption Amit Majmudar
Christmas Eve: A Gloss David Livewell
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