Volume 13, Issue 1, 2002 
Sample Poems:

"Candlelit Dinner"

"Argument in a Restaurant"
"Saint Bernard's Hymn of Praise to the Virgin Mary"
Editor's Note   6
The Letter Dana Gioia 7
The Sunday News Dana Gioia 8
Beware of Things in Duplicate. . . Dana Gioia 9
Guide to the Other Gallery Dana Gioia 10
Long Distance Dana Gioia 12
Equator D.C. Stone 13
(Translated by Willis Barnstone)
Jorge Luis Borges 14
Cause Celebre Deborah Warren 15
Candlelit Dinner Alfred Nicol 16
Blue Suburban Howard Nemerov 17
An Interview with Dana Gioia William Baer 18
Short Cut Vernon Scannell 50
Books Jane Friedman 52
(Translated by Len Krisak)
Horace 53
Profile Dick Allen 54
Perils of Conservation Richard O'Connell 55
Veiled Events David Berman 56
Argument in a Restaurant Chelsea Rathburn 57
Margin Austin MacRae 59
Whispers Late at Night Robert Daseler 60
A Shower by the Sea Roy Scheele 61
Moonlit A.M. Juster 62
Dana Gioia's Dramatic Monologues Samuel Maio 63
The Cook Fire Timothy Murphy 73
Destination Deborah Warren 74
Fathers Robert Daseler 75
The Beast Peggy O'Brien 76
Benvenuto Cellini's Salt-Cellar Joseph S. Salemi 77
On Declining a Commission to Write 200-Word Biographies of Irish Writers for Their Portraits in a Hotel Gabriel Fitzmaurice 78
A Fan's Proposal Rob Griffith 79
The Dance Class Daniel J. Langton 80
Villanelle for Joe, on My Birthday Julie Kane 81
Playing the Field Alfred Nicol 82
The Waking Zachary Hudson 83
An Epitaph for M. de--
(Translated by Edward Zuk)
Nicholas Boileau 84
From the Tradition:
(All selections translated by Dana Gioia)
From Hercules Furens Seneca 85
Saint Bernard's Hymn of Praise to the Virgin Mary Dante Alighieri 89
The Beautiful Slave Giovan Battista Marino 91
Entrance Rainer Maria Rilke 92
Metre Dana Gioia 93
A Kind of Glory Vernon Scannell 94
Whitman G.K. Chesterton 101
May Balls in June A.M. Juster 102
A Part, Apart Richard Wakefield 104
Herb Plays with the Blues Lewis Turco 105
Mockingbird Call David Berman 107
Names Roger Craik 108
Marriage, Memento Mori Walter McDonald 109
Swing Song Bill Hemminger 110
Malus Domestica Deborah Warren 111
Pseudo-formal Poetry Dana Gioia 112
Forgotten Artist
(Translated by Alice Park)
Charles Baudelaire 113
Visit Home Roger Craik 114
Cartoons and Such Jack Granath 116
Out of the Blue Robert Daseler 118
Letter from an Old Guy, 1935 William F. Bell 119
New Year Alfred Nicol 121
Black Cat Deborah Warren 122
Contributors   123
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