Sample Poems:

D. R. Goodman 

The Question of Suicides at Niagara Falls 

Not why they go, but how we stay on shore, 

One instant from the current’s breathless pull,

Its power palpable, hypnotic, full

Of nature’s swift relentlessness.  And more:

How anyone can live for miles from here --

This undercurrent draining, like a dull,

Hard weight on every spirit, and the chill

Of ominous, grey rapids always near,

Forever sweeping downward, toward the roar

And plume of some calamity.  The force

Of dizzying descent, the edge, compels:

One’s mind, like any raft, swept to the core,

Must ride this glassy water on its course

Of rapid no return.  We grip the rails.


[D. R. GOODMAN, a former freelance writer, is currently a martial arts instructor in Oakland, California.  This is her first appearance in a poetry journal.]

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