Sample Poems:


The Psychic

Yes, the police have called me many times,
And generally they’ve taken my advice.
I keep a scrapbook of uncommon crimes
I’ve helped with, when the vision was precise
Enough to lead the searchers to the scene --
Most murders, as it happens, are within
Three miles of home and in the day’s routine,
Stopped by a stranger (or the next of kin).

Hand me a scarf the victim wore around
Her neck - or else her glasses, or a ring.
I’ll see a place: and there the body’s found.
Finding the killer? That’s a different thing.
Bodies are easy; their passivity
Gives them away. Guilt is too quick for me.


[GAIL WHITE’s first collection of poems, The Price of Everything, was published by the Mellen Poetry Press in 2002. Her work has appeared in numerous literary journals as well as such anthologies as the Random House Treasury of Light Verse (1995) and A Formal Feeling Comes: Poems in Form by Contemporary Women (Story Line Press, 1994). She is also the Co-Editor with Katherine McAlpine of The Muse Strikes Back: A Poetic Response by Women to Men from Homer to Ginsberg (Story Line, 1997).]

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