Sample Poems


Parallel Universe

Away beyond the firmament somewhere,
Beyond the farthest boundaries of space,
There may be a parallel universe out there,
One where I have never met your gaze.
Or maybe there is one where you and she
Have never met, she whom you love best,
Where mine is the name you whisper tenderly
And I am the one you hold against your breast.
Out beyond the shining sweep of stars,
Beyond the spinning galaxies above,
There may be a world identical to ours
In all but this: that you return my love.
Somewhere perhaps there is a universe
Where when you dream, you see my eyes, not hers.


[MARION SHORE published For Love of Laura: Poetry of Petrarch (Arkansas) in 1987, and her poems, fiction, and translations have appeared in various journals and anthologies, including the forthcoming Petrarch in English (Penguin).]


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