Sample Poems:

T. M. Moore 

Fault Lines 

Deep, hidden in the earth, run lines where great
unreconciling pressures meet and grind
against each other, like the two-lobed mind
of some poor hard-pressed poet. The awful weight
of countervailing forces breaks the hold
of friction as vast tectonic plates adjust
to one another in a desperate lust
for primacy of place. The fragile mold
of earth is shaken, as the energy
released breaks out in all directions and
throws into turmoil people, buildings, land
and every vain pretense of security.
Beware the tremors, therefore; fear the worst
to tread the fault lines of a poet’s verse.


[T.M. MOORE is a Fellow of the Wilberforce Forum and Pastor of Teaching Ministries at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. His poetry has appeared in The Piedmont Literary Review, Theology Today, Windhover, and other journals. His book-length poem, Ecclesiastes: Ancient Wisdom When All Else Fails, was published by InterVarsity Press in 2001.]

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