2015        Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award

Winner: “All the Dropped Things"
by D.R. Goodman
Final Judge: Gail White

All the Dropped Things


All the dropped things – the bobbled lobs,
the juggled plates that crash beside the trail,
the meant-to-get-togethers, meant-to-mail-
that-letters (never did); the perfect jobs

begun, or dreamt about; the dreamed-up plans
that buoy deferred ambitions – all of these
still lingering as possibilities
inside a mirror world where minute-hands

spin loose and hover, memory plays on
as vividly as ever, meant to do
and done in equal light; where time that’s gone

comes winding back unspent, and nothing falls
so hard to earth; and in the mirror, you
could reach across to take my unmade calls.



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