2011 Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award

Winner: “Odds Are"
by Robert W. Crawford
Final Judge: A.M. Juster

Odds Are

In an infinite universe, with only a finite number of different particle arrangements, the arrangement of particles . . . must be duplicated an infinite number of times.
– Brian Greene, The Hidden Reality

Odds are there is another you; like you
in every way except that he likes scotch
and you like gin, and unlike you he grew
a beard and won’t consent to wear a watch.
Someday, before the end of time, you’ll meet
(not if, but when) by chance at Mory’s in
Orion’s Belt. You’ll buy a round and grab a seat,
reflect on what might be, and what has been.
Though different, his stories of the twins
and wives will celebrate the good and kind
in ways you understand (and, yes, his sins
will be familiar, too). You’ll talk and find
– as two moons slowly drift across the sky –
a shared affection for the question “why?”


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