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Although The Formalist ceased publication after the fall/winter 2004 issue (15:2), the annual Howard Nemerov Sonnet Award competition continues. The next deadline will be November 15, 2016; the final Judge will be Rachel Hadas; and the winning poem will receive $1,000 and publication in Measure: A Review of Formal Poetry. The complete guidelines are available on this website, and they'll also be announced in Poets and Writers. Also, some back issues of The Formalist are still available.

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William & Mona Baer

"I am sure I will not be the only one who will be grateful for The Formalist.  Frankly, it was a shock to realize, as I looked through the first issue, that I had very nearly given up the idea of taking pleasure from poetry." -- Arthur Miller

The Last Issue (Volume 15, Issue 2, 2004)
Back Issues -- Tables of Contents and Sample Poems
About The Formalist: 
10th Anniversary Issue   1st Issue
Howard Nemerov and the Formalist  

The Formalist was a unique poetry journal which published contemporary, metrical verse written in the great tradition of English-language poetry.  The Formalist published the work of Howard Nemerov, Richard Wilbur, Derek Walcott, Mona Van Duyn, Donald Justice, James Merrill, Maxine Kumin, Karl Shapiro, W. S. Merwin, May Swenson, W. D. Snodgrass, Louis Simpson, John Updike, Fred Chappell, John Hollander, and many other poets -- both known and unknown.

Advisory Board

Douglas Dunn
Anthony Hecht
Donald Justice
Arthur Miller
Howard Nemerov, I.M.
W. D. Snodgrass
John Updike
Mona Van Duyn
Derek Walcott
Richard Wilbur

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